Fall Pre-Season Training for CVSRA Members


One benefit CVSRA offers is the continual development of our officials. We are pleased to announce fall pre-season training offered across the Richmond area. We are here to help you prepare for the fall season by reviewing the changes to the laws of the game, to the major changes to referee grades, re-certification procedures, registration, and to our mentoring program.


Please attend training! You are responsible for knowing and, as the referee, enforcing the current interpretation and application of these new law (rule) changes - whether you attend or not. To support you, training session attendees will receive an extensive pre-game check list we are developing.

What will the training cover?

  1. Changes in the Laws of the Game

  2. Changes in Referee Grades and Certification

  3. Updates for the Mentoring Program

  4. Referee Professionalism

  5. Feedback on the Referee Evaluation Program

  6. Officiating using the 2-man system (Used for Middle School and Private School)

  7. Referee Crew Teamwork

  8. Communication using Head Sets

  9. The Power of Persuasive Officiating

  10. Emphasis on the Pre-Game

Where and When is Training Offered?

Training sessions are repeated at multiple locations over several weeks for the convenience of our officials. Please choose from one of the below locations and dates.. All sessions are 6:00p - 8:30p.

Henrico, Aug 7th – Tuckahoe Library, Suite 100, 1901 Starling Drive, Henrico.
Chesterfield, Aug 8th – North Courthouse Road Library, Meeting Room, 325 Courthouse Road, Richmond.
Henrico, Aug 12th – Tuckahoe Library, Suite 100, 1901 Starling Drive, Henrico.
Hanover, Aug 22nd – Mechanicsville Branch Library, 7461 Sherwood Crossing Pl, Mechanicsville
Chesterfield, Sep 25th – To be announced. This will be the last chance make-up session.

How do you participate?

Pre-registration is required.

  1. Send an email to Joe Sheridan with your preferred session.

  2. Check Arbiter for the event listing in your Arbiter schedule. (If in a few days it is not listed, please resend your email).

  3. Accept the event and you are now registered!


  • Referees ONLY are allowed into the training sessions. We do not have enough seats in the meeting rooms to accommodate parents or other non-referees without violating the fire codes.

  • There will be no registration accepted at the door the night of the sessions.

What if I have a question?

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions to:

Joe Sheridan
CVSRA Scholastic Assignor and Training Coordinator
(804) 240-6910

Brent Mast