Welcome to CVSRA!


CVSRA Expectations of Officials

Benefits to CVSRA Members

  • Training and development

  • Advocacy to the state and national USSF associations.

  • Large pool of games of at every level of competition other than collegiate and professional.

  • Scholarship

Getting Equipped


There is an initial investment we all must make as new officials obtaining a proper uniform and the correct tools to perform our duties.


The first judgement of our professionalism made by coaches, players, spectators, and other officials is based on our appearance as we arrive at the site for our games. The starter set of uniform items to include are:

  • Black referee shorts

  • Black two stripe socks

  • Black or predominantly black shoes – trainers or turf shoes are most comfortable for long days, studs for wet grass conditions are beneficial

  • Shirts – Yellow or Green are most popular in this area. Pro Style with Velcro closing pockets are recommended, but the Economy options are fine and less expensive. Purchase short sleeve first, then long sleeve when you can afford them.


As you start out, a set of flag, cards, whistles, a watch, paper, pen, coin, and bag to hold them all are the only musts as you start out. From there every referee expands their toolkit in personal ways. Water, snacks, sunscreen, rain gear, chairs, and so on and so on. Talk to other officials and see what they carry with them and decide for yourself what works best for you.


Several local providers offer discounts to new referees and also run sales during parts of the year.

Strictly Soccer Soccer Shoppe (1811 Huguenot Rd #104, Midlothian, VA 23113 . 804-794-4468) has a great selection of referee apparel and accessories and knowledgeable staff to help you hit the ground running.  They consistently offer our officials discounts, often offer special ‘new officials discounts’ and during certain times of the year have added sale items. Steve or Ryland will be glad to help you with your uniform and gear selections.  

Soccer Post (4838 Commonwealth Centre Parkway, Midlothian, VA  23112 804-763-4625) carries Kwik Goal branded referee uniforms and gear and offer our officials discounts on purchases. Steve, Charlie, or Stacy will be glad to assist you with uniform and gear options.

Official Sports International is an online store and is US Soccer’s official supplier of uniforms.

The Referee Store is another online store providing referee uniforms and gear.

Getting Games

Welcome Email

Within 2 weeks of submitting your application for CVSRA membership, you should receive a ‘Welcome to Arbiter’ email generated out of Arbitersports. Remember to check your spam folder as well. Ensure your email account accepts messages from Arbitersports as this is where many communications about games are sent from.

Set Up Arbiter

Configuring your Arbiter account and getting used to the Arbitersports website is important as you will want to check this regularly — ideally daily — for updated information from CVSRA about events and games. To assist you, there is an Arbitersports Help Page that may make getting comfortable with the system easier.

The following are configurations you need to make.

  1. Verify your personal information under the Profile tab.

    1. Information Subtab has

      1. Custom Fields, Phone, Message Center

    2. Preferences

  2. Configure your time, team, and geography constraints under the Blocks tab.

    1. Schedule - availability

    2. Travel Limits

    3. Attachment to teams

Instructions to help you make the above configurations.

Join Texts

Consider accepting mass text messages from CVSRA. Text CVSRAREF to 84483 to receive alerts from CVSRA.


  1. Check the ‘Main’ page of Arbiter for updates and the ‘Schedule’ tab for new and changed assignments.

  2. Promptly accept new assignments by clicking accept AND clicking the save button at the bottom of the page.

  3. If you need to decline an assignment, click decline AND clicking the save button at the bottom of the page. You are also encouraged to email the assignor for the game to explain the reason for declining.

  4. If you have accepted a game and can no longer fulfill the assignment, email the assignor who assigned you to let them know – put “TURNBACK” as the subject header in the email and the date of the assignment.

Getting Paid


CVSRA will require you to submit a W9 in order to pay you. Please complete the W9 form and send it to .

ArbiterPay Registration

ArbiterPay is the payroll processing application used by CVSRA. Follow the below instructions to register for ArbiterPay.

ArbiterPay registration

Linking ArbiterOne & ArbiterPay

In order for payment of your games to be processed, you must link your ArbiterOne and ArbiterPay accounts. Follow the below instructions to link ArbiterOne and ArbiterPay.

Linking ArbiterPay and ArbiterOne

Getting Better

  • Consider sending this to training section — Joe, Jeff Lobb, Chris Barnard input needed

  • Consider I need help button to send request for contact after bad game or bad event


CVSRA is proud to offer ongoing development training to all of our officials several times a year. Training is announced through email and our website for you to register.


CVSRA supports referees who don’t feel ready to be a center official and work with them to get to a comfort level where they will do it on their own. The program provides hands-on experience to the less confident official from one of our more seasoned officials. If you are interested in participating as a shadowee or shadower, please email

Links – home for the International Laws of the Game:

US Soccer Referee Resource Center – home for many resources

Ask a Soccer Referee – a forum for Questions and Answers that is hosted by a Senior Referee who was a National Referee Instructor -

 Facebook - Soccer Referee Society

US Soccer has some great training videos for your review along with other resources to answer many other questions.

Ask A Soccer Referee - is a fun site with questions that you or other referees submit and they are answered by a National Instructor, Dan Heldman, for all to read and enjoy.

Social Media

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Texts - Text CVSRAREF to 84483 to receive alerts from CVSRA