2018 Game Archiving & Deletion

Attention officials needing a 2018 game count report.

CVSRA will archive and delete all 2018 games from the Arbiter System July 1st or soon thereafter.

You can get a 2018 game count report now for free. If after July 1, you need a game count report, there will be a $20.00 fee payable before you get the game count report.

To get a game report of past games:

  1. Login to Arbiter.

  2. Go to the Schedule Tab, and then change the Filter DATA to PAST,

  3. Choose the CVSRA Group and select And Include GAMES

  4. Click Apply Filter.

  5. When the list of games come up, click on SCHEDULE link Under the Reports section on the left hand column.

  6. Choose the file format for the export (PDF, Excel File). 

  7. Set the Date Range to (1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018)

  8. Click ‘Print Preview’ and the file will download.

Brent Mast