Largest group of soccer officials in Virginia.

Over the course of 35+ years CVSRA has built a reputation of excellence with both officials and clients. We offer a larger pool of officials than any other association in Virginia. We fulfill the needs of over 15,000 games annually and treating our officials as clients has allowed us one of the highest retention rates of officials in the region.

Most flexible client relationships.

CVSRA recognizes different clients have different needs and our 100% client retention is evidence of our commitment to meeting those needs. From basic needs of a youth recreation league to complex reporting requirements of schools to last minute adjustments to tournaments, we are here to deliver what is needed, when it is needed, and how it is needed.

Most competent officials in Virginia.

Our officials are our product. We work hard to ensure our officials are provided the knowledge, tools, and experiences so they progress to their greatest potential. Our shadowing, mentoring, assessment, general training, and advanced referee programs are just some of the offerings that have helped our officials reach state, national, college, and professional positions.


Board of Directors

President - Brian Smith
Vice President - Christopher Barnard
Treasurer - James Pantaleo
Secretary - Alan Manden
Director At Large - Scott Ford
Director At Large - Jeff Lobb
Director At Large - Evan Donnellan
Director At Large - Chuck Ackerman
Director At Large - Brent Mast


Executive Director - Scott Johnson
Head Assignor -
Beth Hatchel
Scholastic Assignor/Training Coordinator -
Joe Sheridan
Middle/Prep School Assignor -
Page Chapman
Futsal Assignor -
Roberto Furnish
Payroll - Payroll
Billing - Beverly Carrey


Scholarship Program

CVSRA is proud to offer its annually awarded scholarships that support well-deserving officials’ pursuit of continued education. There are few teen occupations that offer the leadership skills required of an official accountable for the safety, fairness, and fun for the players, coaches, and spectators at every match.

The scholarship program is generously funded through contributions made as part of our client’s fees. CVSRA welcomes one-time and recurring donations to support the aspirations of local officials career dreams. Your application is here.

CVSRA History

Humbly Supporting Our Community for Over 35 Years!

Looking back at 2005. Recognize those faces?

Looking back at 2005. Recognize those faces?


The Central Virginia Soccer Referee’s Association, Ltd., (CVSRA) was established on March 22, 1982, in response to the need for officials to referee the blossoming of youth and adult soccer in the Richmond Metropolitan area. The Central Virginia Soccer Association, Incorporated, (CVSA) had been established on September 3, 1980. This followed the spread of soccer in Virginia initiated by the formation of Virginia Youth Soccer Association, Inc. (VYSA) on September 20, 1977, in Northern Virginia. On the north side of the James River the Richmond Strikers Soccer Club, Inc., was formed on October 6, 1981, while on the south side at about the same time the Richmond Metropolitan Youth Soccer League was formed by Pocoshock Valley Youth Soccer League, Inc., Midlothian Youth Soccer League, Incorporated, and Chester Youth Soccer. The first Virginia High School League (VHSL) boys’ soccer state championship was held in 1982 won by Lake Braddock High School, which repeated as champions in 1983. Girl’s high school soccer in Virginia would not crown the James Robinson High School girls’ soccer team as state champions until 1984. Mills Godwin boys would be the first Central Virginia state champions in 2003 and the girls from Cosby High School would be first of their gender to claim the state soccer championship in 2012.

The Richmond Interscholastic Soccer Officials Association, Inc. (RISOA) was formed by a group of the senior referees in CVSRA on November 21, 1988, in an inaugural meeting at Thomas Jefferson High School to establish by-laws for this group of soccer referees certified by the VHSL to provide professional referee services to VHSL member schools. With few exceptions these officials were also the core of soccer referees certified by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) to provide professional referee services to the vastly expanding pool of USSF sanctioned adult and youth teams competing in Central Virginia. In the Fall of 2006 RISOA was dissolved as a separate entity and the Scholastic Division of CVSRA was established as a VHSL sanctioned organization of soccer referees serving its member schools.


CVSRA Hall of Fame

CVSRA is proud to acknowledge members of the community who have made outstanding contributions to the development of soccer across Central Virginia.

Recommendations for inductions can be submitted to CVSRA for consideration to the Hall of Fame Committee with a synopsis of the candidate’s contribution to soccer in Central Virginia. Candidates are eligible five years following retirement from active involvement with soccer unless there are exceptional circumstances. Inductions currently take place during the preseason scholastic meeting in February.

Class of 2007

Ian Coddington, 1st RISOA President and organizer, Scholastic Official
Guy Cooter, 1st RISOA Assigner and VHSL Commissioner
Neil Turnage, Best of the best among original RISOA referees

Class of 2008

Russell "Rusty" Fiske (awarded post-humously), long-time RISOA Board member & official
Tullius "Tully" Tupper, long-time RISOA Board member & official
Earl Yamada, long-time RISOA training officer & official

Class of 2009

David "Dave" Lesher, longtime RISOA Board member & official
Thomas "Tom" Oxenham, RISOA incorporating attorney, long-time Board member & official

Class of 2010

Larry Edwards, long-time RISOA Board member & official
William "Bill" Duvall, long-time RISOA training officer & official

Class of 2011

Russell "Russ" Flammia, RISOA organizer & long-time scholastic official

Gilbert "Gil McAllister, long-time RISOA Board member, training officer & official

Class of 2012

No inductees

Class of 2013

George Vergara, outstanding RISOA soccer official, first National USSF referee in RISOA
Kenneth "Ken" Winston, longest serving RISOA Board member, 2nd VHSL Commissioner & official

Class of 2014

Richard Martin, long-time RISOA Board member, training officer and official
William "Bill" Rider, long-time most respected scholastic coach at Collegiate School

Class of 2015

No inductees

Class of 2016

No inductees

Class of 2017

Elizabeth "Betsy" Townsend (post-humus), longtime female Scholastic official

Class of 2018

No inductees

Class of 2019

Felix Sarfo-kantanka, long-time Scholastic Official & ambassador of the sport of soccer