Game Procedures


 Assignor’s Updates


This is where Beth can update and share information that we need each week. Content changes are simple type and click on save button.


Before Gameday 


What if you can’t do an accepted assignment? +

As soon as you know cannot do an accepted assignment, email the assignor who assigned you to let them know – put “TURNBACK” as the subject header in the email and the date of the assignment.

What should I pack for the game? +

  1. Doublecheck your bag for a whistle, watch, cards, flags, flipping coin, match sheets (any piece of paper will do) and something to write with.
  2. Assure you have a copy of your schedule to find your field.
  3. And prepared for the sun (sunscreen, snacks, water etc.) OR the cold (black gloves, caps warm ups for between games).

Where can I find the rules of competition? +

Know the rules for each sport and level you will be working each match.Be aware that they can change from game to game as many clubs have teams in multiple leagues sharing fields.

Rules of competition can be found:

  1. in Arbiter under the “list” tab, sub tab “forms”. They are listed by league and sports based on your assignment in Arbiter (league is in the level). Or you could read the rules.
  2. The home teams web site. Double check with the coaches before play to make sure you are all on the same page.

Who do I contact with questions about my assignment? +

You can see who assigned the game with their contact information when you open the game in Arbiter. The assignor is listed below the officiating crew members.

Before Leaving
To Games 


Where should I find last minute schedule changes or updates?+

Check the MAIN page on Arbiter and your Arbiter schedule BEFORE leaving for the fields. Read all the messages on Arbiter’s MAIN page as many questions are answered there. Remember, weather conditions at your home – even on sunny days may find fields being closed at some sites. Closings and changes will be communicated on the MAIN page of Arbiter and in your Arbiter schedule.

Where can I find the rules of competition? +

Know the rules for each sport and level you will be working each match.Be aware that they can change from game to game as many clubs have teams in multiple leagues sharing fields.

Rules of competition can be found:

  1. in Arbiter under the “list” tab, sub tab “forms”. They are listed by league and sports based on your assignment in Arbiter (league is in the level). Or you could read the rules.
  2. The home team's web site. Double check with the coaches before play to make sure you are all on the same page.

When should I leave for the game? +

Leave so you arrive 30 minutes ahead for first game of day – as soon as you can later on – communicate when you will be there less than 15 minutes. Too many kids are playing on one field and then going to another…or even reffing a game on one field and then heading to another field.

Please be in uniform when you arrive – remember, no jewelry other than your watch and normal rings (wedding band, etc). Socks pulled up, shirts tucked in – look professional!!!

What if I am running late or will not make it?+

We understand that emergencies can arise. If you find that you are not able to complete your work assignment due to an emergency:

Please email ASAP Beth with a subject heading of EMERGENCY TODAY (and copy Bobbie Joyner for recreational assignments).

Also text 991-0733 (99 – 10 – REF) if you have not heard back from an email within 30 minutes of play. ALWAYS include your full name in any email or text message.

If you are unable to email, please text 991-0733 (99 – 10 – REF).

PLEASE DO NOT Call and LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE on this number unless you have no texting abilities- the messages are garbled and hard to understand. Also text this number if you have not heard back from an email within 30 minutes of play. ALWAYS include your full name in any email or text message.

Try calling the center referee or one of the officials on the crew you are working with if you have that number on your schedule to let them know of your status.

If you do not have the phone numbers of any of the crew and cannot email Beth, text 991- 0733 (99- 10- REF), and leave a detailed message (your name, game number, location, reason for delay or absence, phone number where you can be reached if clarification of the message is needed).

What if it is raining, snowing, or other ugly weather? +

Please be aware- RAIN does not necessarily cancel gamess and OFTEN games will be switched to turf fields and schedules re-arranged to fit some in. DO NOT assume your matches are canceled, EVEN if a specific field is closed, one or two matches may be moved to turf. ARBITER will be updated, details specified on the front (Hot line messages have a length limit). READ all arbiter messages regarding closings CAREFULLY.

OFTEN, clubs forget to notify CVSRA when they close a field, so unless arbiter and/or the hot line mentions a field is closed, you MUST assume it is open. If once you get there it is canceled, mention that in the Game report as you do get paid for it.

The red “R” that will show up on your schedule next to your assignment in arbiter on game day is for “Report”. It DOES NOT mean “rained out”. When your match is rained out it will show up in blue on your schedule, you should get an email, and the front of arbiter will be updated, as well as the hot line. But I am the only person doing all this and taking calls about cancelations at the same time as well, so be patient.**

I First update the front of arbiter, then actually rain out or cancel games in your arbiter schedule, then update the inclement weather hot line (804-744-4900) IF I deem it necessary. The need to use the hotline is out dated since IPads and Smart Phones hare common, so I usually ONLY update it if I have been notified after I think you have possibly left for the fields and if there are too many of you to text personally, for those who still may rely on calling a hotline number. Often when all the cancelations come in the night before- the hotline is not updated at all).

Inclement weather field numbers for many of the fields you are assigned at are listed in your assignment’s field link. You can call them directly too. As well as looking on the home clubs web site. Unfortunately, they do not always remember to call us regarding closings. When the weather is bad, it can be hard to get through to the CVSRA hotline, so trying the other numbers directly can help.

Rain caused chaos in my house in the morning. DO NOT text me asking if your games are on- watch the front of arbiter, check your schedules, call the hotline, call the home team’s hotline, or look at their web site. Text messages from refs asking if their games are on will be deleted.

At The Game 


When should I put on my uniform? +

Please be in uniform when you arrive – remember, no jewelry other than your watch and normal rings (wedding band, etc). Socks pulled up, shirts tucked in – look professional!!!

Do I have to check the goals?+

Yes. Check to make sure the goals are anchored, DO NOT start match until home team secures them! Do NOT start a game in which the goals are not secured to YOUR liking (test them). While ANYTHING can be used to anchor a goal, they MUST be secure! If you are not satisfied that a goal is not anchored, tell the home team coach the game will not start till they are.

CVSRA will support you all 100% not officiating a game in which the goals are not anchored to your satisfaction. In contrast, anyone who officiates a match when goals are not anchored will be suspended. It is that IMPORTANT.

What jewelry is allowed? +

Check all players to make sure they have the correct safety equipment and are not wearing jewelry. NO Jewelry!

There is no exception to this- even for newly pierced ears…they have to take the earrings OFF. NOT taped..tape will not prevent the post of the earing puncturing the neck when a well-kicked ball hits it. They will not like this; they will say the ears will close back up, that they are not allowed to take them out for 6 weeks. Hogwash. It takes longer than a soccer game for a hole to close. They are trying to avoid the pain of putting them back in a tender ear. In which case the solution is to leave them in, and NOT PLAY. It’s a choice. If you give in to the begging…”the ref last week let us tape the ear”…”The hole will close if we take them out”…”I never heard of this before, when did this rule change….?” Then you make it harder on the next ref who has this team. I need you to all be consistent and not allow a player with jewelry on to play, even the youth refs, because the official who has the team next week could be you.

What is the procedure for thunder/lightning?+

If there is a chance of rain after the match has started – When there is no field representative at the field or warning system (as is used at Striker Park & West Creek Park – for more info go to: it is up to the referee crew to know when to stop a game due to dangerous weather conditions. A 30/30 rule is used regarding severe weather. If there is 30 seconds between a clap of thunder and lightning, you need to suspend the game for at least 30 minutes before re-staring it. EVERYONE needs to find safe shelter (NOT UNDER A TREE). Should another clap of thunder and lightning occur before the initial 30 minutes is done, you restart the 30 minute wait period. Etc., etc. until you can go 30 minutes without a thunder and lightning strike happening within 30 seconds of each other.

What if the game requires roster checks? +

If the league requires you to check roster (the rules will tell you if they do) ask the coach/team manager for the roster and check it against any available player passes. (For example rosters should be available for VSL. These are for you to use when checking players in. Check players’ equipment; then match the player cards). If they are not available- report it in your game report but you need to play the game. Lack of player cards or a player not on the roster is not a forfeit, it is up to the league to decide if the game counts after the fact.

What if a team does not show up? +

You must wait 15 minutes after start time before you can leave the field. Sometimes they are warming up out of sight. Sometimes the league forgets to tell us the game has been canceled due to state cup or other various reasons. IF you have another game scheduled on that field after the one the team(s) did not show up for... YOU HAVE TO BE THERE- you cannot assume all games are gone on that field for the day. The good news is- you get paid for each game, teams or not, IF you are there and ready to go. It has come up a couple times that youth teams have not had enough players to play but they wanted the ref to oversee their scrimmage/friendlies. They CAN do this with youth clubs, which will include RSK adult as the Strikers have the ability to assign referees to scrimmages and friendlies under their sanctioning.

Those of you who work CVSA adult league games know this league cannot do that, but CVSA is the exception, not the rule. When you arrive at a match assigned by CVSRA and it is not played due to teams not showing up or not wanting to- you all still get paid. BUT if you refuse to referee that match because in your opinion they do not have the required number of players or registered players to be a sanctioned match and they want you to do so, you will not be paid. The league decides if their matches count for league play or not, you do not. You just report any roster or number indiscrepancies you feel they need to know about.

What if a crew member is missing?+

When a crew member is missing:

10 - 15 minutes before game time: Using the schedule that you printed before leaving for the field, try calling the missing official(s) at either home or cell, if it is listed; use the cell number first as they are probably on their way.

15 - 10 minutes before game time: If you have not been able to get in contact with them or find out that they will not be honoring one or more of their assignments for the day, Text , 991-0733 (99 - 10 - REF) , leave a detailed message to include, yourname, game location, time, number, who is late/not coming, and a phone number where Beth and/or Bobbie can reach you at the field. The assignor’s primary focus during game day shortages will be to find a referee to replace the missing referee(s). Beth and/or Bobbie will contact you with any information as soon as she has it, IF they can.

What should we do while we wait for missing crew?+

?Proceed with pre-game check ins of teams, and ask the team managers if there is a USSF certified referee connected with their teams who can stand in as a possible temporary replacement as a club line for that game. (Many schedules will list officials attached to your game. Some are players, parents or siblings who may be there watching, ask about them first). If there is not a USSF certified referee on the sideline, ask for a spectator to serve as a club line (Or tell the coach he needs to find someone if you are having trouble with recruits).

What if the center referee is missing?+

If the Center Referee is missing, the most experienced AR should stepinto the Center Referee position. You should be able to submit the game report after the match and include a crew change form (within the game report) but if you have any trouble notify Payroll ( so that they can tell you how to report the change.

Can we run dual referees instead of a club linesperson?+

NO DUALS on USSF Games (any Recreational, Youth Travel or Adult league sports/levels. Scholastic assignments SAY “scholastic” in the arbiter assignment and do, under certain instances, allowed. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR LEGAL REASONS CONCERNING YOUR LIABILITY! NO DUELS ON USSF MATCHS (Sports that have “youth”, “recreational” or “adult” in their names). YOU NEED A CLUB LINE (ask the coach to provide a spectator to run the line with a flag and indicate when the ball is out of bounds- ONLY- a club line cannot call offsides.

Please note- Single Man Games, where you are the ONLY referee assigned (U8, U9, U10 and some U11 rec & ADSL)- DO NOT use club linesman. If the game only requires a center, when you click on the game number on your arbiter schedule, the drop down box will not have space for additional referees.

Please note the Shadow Program is NOT a Dual system as there is only one referee with a whistle keeping time, the other is following behind him.

The Center Referee must get the name and phone number of the person whois the Club Line to include in your game report IF they say they are USSF certified.

A USSF certified official acting as a club line will be paid by CVSRA. *Remember to fill out a crew change report when doing your arbiter game report after the match.

After The Game 


Where do I report my games? +

Everyone submits regular season match reports (OMR’s) through the reports in Arbiter. EXCEPTIONS TO THIS ARE all scholastic matches and CVSA matches.

You can enter the score, hit save, and be done if:

  1. The match is not a CVSA or scholastic match.
  2. There were no crew changes from what Arbiter has listed.
  3. There were no cards or reportable incidents.

What if there were crew changes? +

Crew Change/Missing form – When Arbiter is showing a different official on the crew other than who actually did the match (or was missing crew member and someone stepped in at match time) after entering the score of the game:

a) Set the scroll bar(s) next to the missing official’s name and/or open position to “No Show”.

b) Click on the name of the form in the Arbiter report to get to the crew change form you need to fill out. EVEN/Especially if you as the center/head referee according to arbiter failed to be there- it is your responsibility to let us know. This gets emailed to payroll so they know to how to update arbiter correctly for pay. Fill it out and hit submit.

c) You MUST check the box in front of the report’s name in the form section so we know the match needs to be updated. This will turn the “R” yellow in Arbiter and flag the match as needing updating by Payroll.

d) Hit the “save” button

What if there were cards(s)?+

Card Report – If you have any cards (yellow and/or Red) in a match, with the exception of CVSA games, click on the form name to fill it out and submit. Once it is filled out, hit “Save” on the Arbiter report.
This gets emailed to the assignors so they can report it to the clubs.

Do NOT check the box in front of this form name in Arbiter- as this turns the report “R” to yellow -- which requires Payroll resolve it so you get paid.

What is the comments section for?+

Comments should only be used for critical documentation not captured elsewhere such as notes related to a signficant injury or something that is a MUST read for Payroll and available to note elsewhere.

a) Forfeits and/or teams not showing- (if arbiter will not allow you to skip putting in scores for these games, which is preferred, then use “0 – 0” as the score).

b) If there is a serious injury/any incident at the field.

c) Documentation in this section is often visible to the crew and leagues.

How do I report scholastic matches?+

You must fill out an OMR through

How do I report CVSA matches?+

You must fill out an OMR through, and follow all the usual procedures regarding rosters.

This only has to be done for CVSA adult league, NOT RSK. ONLY CVSA OMR’s will be available at our web site for submission.

When are match reports due?+

All reports need to be submitted by the head/center referee within 24 hrs of play. Exceptions to this are:

  1. CVSA matches where reports are due by 10:00AM EST the day following the match.
  2. Scholastic matches where a red card(s) occurred are due the same day as the game.

Where can I get my game counts? +

A history of your games for the current year is accessible in Arbiter under the schedule tab. See your past game list within the scheduled by selecting if you filter for past games.