VHSL 2019 - CVSRA Leading the Way!

CVSRA kicked off the 2019 VHSL regular season on March 11 committed to leading the way.  

Our Joe Sheridan and Brian Starling are demonstrating in action CVSRA’s quest for consistent improvement as Virginia’s premier provider of soccer officials. To enhance the partnership between CVSRA, we conducted a coach and referee symposium and launched a trial of a referee evaluation system. 

Coach and Referee Symposium

CVSRA hosts an annual educational pre-season scholastic banquet for officials. We decided this was not enough. Reigniting a past best practice, CVSRA hosted a coach and referee symposium in the pre-season inviting every school we serve and all CVSRA scholastic officials. The event was well attended with coaches, athletic directors, and officials discussing how to work together in 2019 to offer student athletes a consistent competitive platform that is an extension of the classroom. There was welcome agreement on how to manage common challenges in a cooperative way. With these agreements, we anticipate improved match experiences for student athletes, coaches, athletic directors, spectators, and officials.

Online Evaluation of Officials

CVSRA believes providing the highest quality product requires ongoing measurement of our services. CVSRA invested in an online tool to house a custom model of referee evaluation that is being trialed this season. Through this system the performance of CVSRA officials is measured on every scholastic match by the schools we serve and the officials working the match.  

The development of the evaluation model was led by our Joe Sheridan in partnership with a team of coaches, officials, and CVSRA representatives. CVSRA is excited to take the initiative to learn from customers and our peers where we excel and where to focus efforts of improvement both for individual officials and for our overall team of officials.

Brent Mast